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Founders: James and Dionne Miller

Miss Nanny

Ms. Rocio
Ms. Rocio is the lead Toddler teacher and the resident "go to" person.  Ms. Rocio has been with Nanny's Loving Care for 5 years.  Throughout this time she has been hands on with every age group.  She has enjoyed working with the infants and watching them grow and learn.  She has also worked with the preschool and pre-K children, but her love is with the toddlers.  Ms Rocio is the "potty training guru".  She enjoys spending time with her husband and son.

Ms. Danielle
(Leader Pre-K Teacher)

Ms. Danielle is the lead Pre-K Teacher.  She has worked for Nanny's Loving Care for 3 years.  She has worked in many different classrooms, but has found her niche in the Pre-Kindergarten classroom.  She is excited about graduating her first Pre-K class.  You can alsways find her smiling either at dropp-off or pickup.  Ms Danielle enjoys spending time with her husband and kids.  Ms. Danielle went to school right along with her Pre-Kindergarten students so she could finish her CDA.